What the World Needs Now is Another Curator

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  • on May 5th, 2010

Gonna do my part to reduce the clutter in your Twitter stream by presenting the articles that strike a chord with me.  Rather than 6 retweets every morning, I’m going to try and present my favorites in a short summary.  The efforts of Abnormal Returns and The Kirk Report have been so helpful to me over years in filtering the universe of information, hopefully a few can benefit from my curative attempts.  If not, at least enjoy this song and laugh at my effort!

My Overnight List:

Rob Hanna on his appreciation for Dr. Brett Steenbarger’s work

Dr. Brett with a great post on integrative price & volume to read market psychology

AlphaTrends is the best, in my opinion, at quickly laying out the possibilities and key levels for the market

Crosshairs Trader with a little ditty on the recent market carnage, ht Reformed Broker

CXO Advisory on using technical analysis in identifying bubbles

Business Insider on why Greece isn’t Lehman or Bear, it’s Countrywide

France and China throw down the currency gauntlet, ht @aiki14

Startups, not bailouts, to create jobs, ht @venturepopulist

Try and keep it in the fairway today, they’re letting the rough grow out!


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