Thinking About Those Kids

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  • on September 11th, 2011

No way was I going to write a post today.  I’m too conflicted between what I’m supposed to be doing(grieving) and what I’m actually doing(enjoying beautiful scenery on a sunny September day somewhere along the Amtrak line in Connecticut).  I’m headed to see friends I haven’t seen in years…one of them a fellow Arizona Wildcat whom I haven’t seen since 1992.  We’ll drink beer, watch football, and recall funny stories.

But it’s September 11, and 10 years from the day that changed us forever and cost so many their lives.  I’m looking out the window at kids surrounding a fire truck in Mystic, CT.  I can’t help but recall that awful week and be sad.  Then I read this from Phil Pearlman and I feel better:

“Many of us focus so much on every nuance of the world outside of our immediate sphere that we forget where we live – where we relate to those closest to us, find support and provide it to those we love – the soil from which resilience takes root.”

Read the rest of the post here…it is a short but powerful read on working through this conflict, given as only a trained psychologist can do, and from one who knows the soul of New York.  I don’t know what I can do other than think of those still suffering from the event, and join in contributing to those directly suffering.

I’m having a great morning of work, and am excited for a rare frivolous day with my good buddies.  But I know it’s September 11, and the reflection of that day is overwhelming me a little.  If Dr. Phil says it’s OK to be thankful and embrace the present, then I know it’s OK.

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