Thanksgiving Day Thoughts

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  • on November 26th, 2010

Some things running through my brain on Thanksgiving…can’t turn this damn thing off!

The New England Patriots epitomize how a market leadership stock trades…weakness early but clear strength as the game(and season) progresses. Not flawless as some expect, but able to handle constant “top” calls with nothing worse than a few mixed outcomes.  The Detroit Lions are the exact opposite.

What makes market speculation superior to gambling is the opportunity to find large and sustainable edges due to faulty crowd reactions.  What makes it appear more difficult is that there is no kickoff and no final gun, forcing us to watch with no clue when our idea might be accepted or rejected.

No matter the level of talent, the difference between 90% engaged and 100% engaged is the difference between success and failure…witness the Dallas Cowboys of today vs. a few weeks ago.

My “To-Do” list seems unmanageable and ever growing, yet when I review old notes I find that everything on my old lists was either completed or became irrelevant

I’m thankful that extended family gatherings for me bring comedy and not drama…lots of laughs and stories about other times we laughed.

I’m thankful that Howard Lindzon and Phil Pearlman pursued a crazy idea like StockTwits with enough passion and focus that it drew me out of my solitary lab and into a community of fellow market junkies.  Not only am I more informed, but I’ve been lucky enough to make real-life friends because of their efforts.

I’m thankful that Charles Kirk and Tadas Viskanta take the time to read all they read, and on occasion consider my efforts worthy of inclusion as they share their lists.  Thanks also to Jim Slagle for including me in a great team of contributors.

I’m thankful that Brian Shannon keeps repeating his simple mantras, because they ring in my head when I’m most prone to chasing or panicking.

I’m thankful that Vic Scherer compiles a killer set of breadth stats and shares them with us every hour of every day, my way of checking in when I take the necessary lunch meetings.

I’m thankful that Josh Brown snaps me out of my seriousness at least once per day with a comment that truly makes me laugh out loud.

I’m thankful for the 292 people in my Twitter stream that have had a positive impact on my days.  I take pride in “trimming the fat” from my list, so if I still follow you it means I appreciate your thoughts whether I’ve said so or not.  I love your efforts, they allow me to be informed and engaged without the reboot period of old.

I’m thankful that my partners Pat and John deal with my manic obsession to deliver a better investment experience for clients, and ways to let the world know we truly are here to help.

I’m thankful for our clients.  The investment world has rightfully earned the scorn of many…I appreciate that you took the time to listen to our radical approach to managing risk and have entrusted us with your hard-earned savings.

I’m thankful for my family.  Parents, grandparents, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles…too many to mention but they’ve all played a role in raising me to be a respectful adult.  I hope in some way I’ve made their lives more enjoyable as well.

Most of all, I’m thankful for my wife Pam.  She knows the market is my mistress and demands an outsized percentage of my time.  Not only does she accept that, but she’s the only one capable of providing an escape from the deep mental place I go in search of great ideas.  Life with a 5 year old and 20 month old provides very little downtime, but she’s managed to keep our house full of love.  Only our sleep and TV watching has suffered.

My brain just can’t get the memo to take a day off, but it was a great holiday nonetheless…hope yours was a great one as well!

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