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  • on November 30th, 2009

While I enjoy sharing the best of my stream, I’m finding so much value on weekends I’m afraid I’d clutter up your stream with RTs.  So, this may be the first of a weekly post highlighting my favorite links. There’s probably a better way to deliver this, but I like to give credit to those who find these nuggets.

Here goes:

David Kotok w/a balanced look at how the world sees Geithner

Trader Stewie on breaking a rut

Michael Covel quotes William Eckhardt on watching price vs. charting

Amazing pics from National Geographic contest

NY Times story says uninsured would be covered at current costs if obesity returned to 1987 levels

Howard Lindzon on finding efficient ways to find your course of action

Charles Kirk on the only chart that matters for investors

Brett Steenbarger says novelty is the key to psychological change

Enlightening graphic from NY Times on food stamp usage by county

Reformed Broker correctly mocks an analyst for forecasting earnings thru 2020

FT looks at bankers desperately seeking certainty in models

John Mauldin on why he’s optimistic about US innovation

It’s no wonder that losses and layoffs are the order of the day in old media.  Simply opening my Twitter stream to fellow knowledge-seekers opens the entire media landscape to me without purchasing a newspaper.  As much as I love sitting outside on a sunny day reading interesting content, the ability to filter one’s info-seeking process through Twitter(and for me, StockTwits) is simply unbeatable.

The bloggers and journalists deserve the first line of credit, but without others out there sharing their thoughts with me I’d never find much of this.  Eventually, you’ll just follow all of these great “finders”, but for now I hope you enjoy my filter.  Thanks technology, thanks wireless, thanks Twitter, and thanks blogosphere!

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