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  • on November 5th, 2013


Still adjusting to Daylight Savings Time, and decided to catch up on some bookmarked posts before Chrome bans me for having too many open tabs. To prevent me from clogging your stream with a dozen retweets, here are a few i liked in no particular order:


A cool collection of characteristics from the billion-dollar startups of the past decade via @conorsen

Chris Perruna is awesome, shares his complete process for screening stocks

David Schawel knows bonds like no other, but wonderfully covers an equity favorite for the CFA website

Love to see disrupters in financial tech; Motif and Covestor are creating some great options for the individual via @hardeepw

Another great disrupter with a beautiful/useful earnings calendar

Tom Brakke on the evolution of a consistent and repeatable investment process

An intermarket look at falling inflation premiums and the potential relationship with Fed thinking via @exantefactor

A savvy pro measures sentiment using the massive data set that is Yahoo Finance

Not a ton of use for me here beyond Figures 1 and 9, but this is the chart porn shared monthly by the great Ed Yardeni via @thekirkreport

A really nice collection of conference call notes and possible macro implications

Fun read Baseball at 16 Games via @abnormalreturns

Some good insights into financial planning ideas from the great book Switch

I tweeted this already but it deserves a 2nd response, Top 5 post on crowd sentiment


That’s it for now, back to your reliable sharers @abnormalreturns and @reformedbroker and @thekirkreport and @ritholtz. Hope you found something useful here, I’m thankful everyday to have 300 “editors” bringing me the best of the interwebs.


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