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  • on May 11th, 2010

Here are my favorite reads from this morning’s mental stretching:

Abnormal Returns discusses the role of momentum in shaping portfolios

Systemic Relative Strength talks about the underappreciation of relative strength as a strategy

Traders Narrative tests some favorite market lore. I found the “Breadth Thrust” compelling

ChessnWine comes out running with a strong market summary in first post on IBankCoin

Fortune extracts insights from legendary investor Howard Marks

Dealbreaker talks about the unique(odd?) culture at Bridgewater Associates(HT Paul Kedrosky)

Joe Fahmy on how YOU can approach this market that he has successfully navigated

Seth Godin on engaging and coordinating the new “elites”

Again, follow AbnormalReturns and The Kirk Report if you want a consistent stream of the best the web has to offer.  I just like to offer up a few of the articles that help me stretch in the morning.

The information in this blog post represents my own opinions and does not contain a recommendation for any particular security or investment. I or my affiliates may hold positions or other interests in securities mentioned in the Blog, please see my Disclaimer page for my full disclaimer.

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