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  • on August 18th, 2012

The combination of summer travel weekends and new responsibilities has left me WAY behind with formal writing, and even with simply reading the wonderful material found on the Internets. I do plan to resume my sharing efforts on a regular basis, starting with what I think will be a more regular sharing of my work on identifying the market climate. For now, a few links that may be old to you but just hit my radar this morning:

One of my new favorite writers with an amazing grasp of the issues driving global macro

One of my long-time favorite writers who now offers a killer daily wisdom letter

Two great articles from Ryan Detrick at Schaeffers on recentĀ low volume and average true range

Why investors(and voters, for that matter) need exposure to alternative views

Trader translation…Quit whining about low volume and HFT “Cynicism is Intellectual Cowardice”

So excited to see Tommy sharing his insight through blogging

Time’s up, need to run around with the kiddos. Not sure how I could possibly enjoy great finds like this without the killer curation efforts of @abnormalreturns, @thekirkreport, @reformedbroker, and the mad scientists behind the scenes of the @stocktwits handle. Soon enough, I look forward to contributing back a small fraction of the insight that finds its way to my desk…what a world.

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