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  • on May 6th, 2013

My free time has been skewing heavily to making my data collection more efficient, with my reading efforts failing to keep pace. I found a little time to get through some bookmarked articles, and thought I’d share a few of my faves for those also looking to catch up.

Great reads from Ritholtz and Detrick on what all great market speculators do: make mistakes

Market breadth is at the core of everything I do; JC Parets reminds us not to forget that lookback period can make a huge difference

I love when Mark Dow writes, here he explains what a real carry trade looks like

Glad I caught this, one of my favorite trader/bloggers Mercenary Jack puts his best quotes in one post

Eddy Elfenbein with a really fun read on everyone’s favorite bond manager, The Mind of Jeffrey Gundlach

I put defining one’s timeframe at the top of a trader’s priority list; Andrew Nyquist shows examples where participants may have differing views

Farnam Street does a great job conveying lessons that cross disciplines; I enjoyed these on Charlie Munger and Nate Silver

Great investors read a ton, here’s how two of Buffett’s newest portfolio managers ended up landing their gigs

Erik Swarts trades differently than me, but I love reading everything he posts and wouldn’t dare trade against him in precious metals

Feedback loops play a huge role in driving investment activity, great reads on the topic from Michael Pettis and Groditi

Where do you start with Reformed Broker? Let’s go with this one on being smarter than the market

Even when I’m not writing, I’m writing…some ideas from SMB Capital on best practices for journaling

ChessandWine cranks out too much quality to pick; this one is just plain funny

A must listen that I finally caught: Ritholtz interviewing Ned Davis and a must watch of a guy that leads by example Paul Tudor Jones on 60 Minutes

***Self-Promotion Alert***

My only real “prediction” for 2013 was that you’d love reading Jon Boorman’s blog; I’m honored to be on this great list of Twitter follows

Both common sense and present conditions led me to write this post on studying supply; remember that volume is more nuanced than simply high vs. low

I live off of the Abnormal Returns linkfests and the very cool The Wire from Charlie Kirk, and have for many years.  Between those and the occasional Best of StockTwits and Thinking Trader, a modern trader has the best minds in the game at his or her disposal without having to go hunting for quality content. I may need one more of these to make up for my lack of sharing, but if you’ve been away this is a good start!

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