A Few Good Reads, Redux

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  • on May 17th, 2013

These linkfests are not the start of a trend but hopefully the completion of “catching up”. I hope to get back to regular posts of my own, and leave curation to the experts like Abnormal Returns, RitholtzReformed Broker, Brian Lund, and Market Folly. But here goes, another set of links in case you missed them…

A wonderful series of posts on Behavioral Portfolio Management from C. Thomas Howard, PhD, start with the 4/5/13 edition and work forward

Loved the MTA webcast with Robin Mesch; members can access the audio but the slides are a great look at multi-timeframe Market Profile

Tadas Viskanta interviewed by Quant Connect, great to see him on the other side of the questions

Who’s better than Josh at assembling the pieces and sharing the evolving narrative? Epic post here, logical response here, ode to critics here

Maybe Michael Santoli, who also captures the current debate and in my opinion would be a great choice to fill the giant shoes of Alan Abelson

Interview with one of the best young minds in finance, Leigh Drogen is crushing the analyst establishment

I love the way Denise Shull explains the reality of our brain and trading, here is her latest

Randomness is the enemy of both faders & followers; David Varadi and Mike Harris share ways they account for “white noise”

While the loudest economists promote politically-infused “solutions”, the untarnished young are both objective and bullish on America

Good post on market breadth from one of the crew at SeeItMarket, no better measure of market climate than New Highs/Lows in my opinion

Meb Faber has done a ton to educate investors on tactical asset allocation; now he has a new book and new ETF

Read this from @enistaner to the end, hard work is a start but another trait carries even more importance. Add consistency & we’re even closer

Tommy Lacker on baseball and trading: be ready for the next pitch not the last one

Fan of Stephen Curry since his Davidson days…willing to innovate and by all accounts just a good dude

Self-reminder…short gamma > “rational” behavior


That’s enough, too many in fact…I may have to catch up with one more next week.







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